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(free) 07:31


This album was performed in one brutal 24 hr recording session from 4/9/10 to 4/10/10 at Backroom Studios (myspace.com/thebackroomstudios) in Rockaway, NJ. Infinite thanks to Kevin Antressian for his patience, generosity and excellent mixing skills.


released June 6, 2010

Travis Weinand - vocals, bass
Jason Herrmann - lead guitar
Jeff Daniels - rhythm guitar
Ruston Grosse - drums

Eli Litwin - drums (on recording)



all rights reserved


BVRDEN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Mantle
4. Mantle

The Earth boils and the atmosphere is dissipating.
Now is the time for our last goodbyes.

This is our ancestors doing.
And their mistakes will be our demise.
To think that we are now united.
In death, we become a family.

A family of dying spirits.
The soil we walk upon turns on its occupants.
The crust, once solid and unwavering, now shifts beneath us, dissolving and cracking away.
What is left for us?

I sense and emptiness before us.
Untraversable and vast.
The chasm of new seas taunting what is left of the population.
Beckoning those who dare to die in her black lungs.

I have chosen a different fate.
I will sit.
I will stay.
I will die.
Track Name: Stills
5. Stills

Collections, varied and odd.
Categorized and documented meticulously and with great care.
Dark curtains pulled, my secrets, no one else's.
Parts from all sorts, lined up and wait to be chosen.
Tattered and slightly worn, they still have their charm.
Do not trespass here. You will not return.
Soiled sheets line the walls and the floor.
Corpses hanging from the rafters, the smell of sex and fear fills the air.

Welcome to your new home.

Diagrams of the bodies strewn about, disected and studied.
I bludgeon you in the face and watch you gurgle as you hit the floor.
I lay on top of you and push my face into yours,
feeling your hot blood seep into my nose and eyes.
My arousal is growing. But we are just getting started.
I chain you down, and start gnawing on your neck and breasts,
ripping large chunks off and swallowing you whole.
We are becoming one.

I take photos of your evolution.
We must track your progress.
For transcending beyond the human form is rare.
I am bestowing a great honor upon you.
You should thank me.
Your face is beautiful, you are one of a kind.
I flay you open and cum into your wounds.
I am seeding a truly unique flower.
I will take care that you grow and are healthy.
I will never let you go.
Never let you go.

My photographs shall teach the world, the future of man.
Infinite possibilities. Infinite subjects. Infinite pleasure.

I close my eyes. And I see God.
He has burdened me with this task.
I must do as he commands.
Your Kingdom come.
His will be done.

This is the dream where we are at a funeral.
I do not know who it is for.
I stand, and nod to the family scattered around the church.
I slowly approach the coffin, and stare at the man lying within.
I masturbate onto his face.
I mash my face into his and crush his skull with my own.
I wish to reach out to him.
To be him.
Sadly, I cannot.
So I take his picture and I leave the church.
Track Name: Death
1. Death

this contusion, now lacerated.
the ballast is waining.
soon the vultures will descend.

abuse the weak, and steal their shelter.
join us now in our final hours.
food and water depleted.
limbs frigid and turning dark.
the nights are getting longer.
and i wish death would come.


black lingering mass.
now an alien form,
attached to me,

i curse these wakeful eyes.
this is not the end i envisioned.

tongues black and eyes hollow.
this plague knows no mercy.
writhe in impossible contorsions.
this is our punishment.

foreign lands we sought for our own.
we fought steadfast and without quarter.
to domintate and enslave.
we did not expect this.

vultures dine on our rotting limbs.
we can not but watch.
the frostbite our only anesthetic.
we are dead...

my brothers all gone now.
i am the only one left.
i close my eyes and wait for death.

my dead limbs.
vultures descend.
my spirit rise.
to meet its end.

we came.
we enslaved.
in his name.
we dug our grave.

we dug our own grave.
we dug our own fucking grave.
Track Name: Life
2. Life

cradle of life.
i am nothing
i breathe a hapless note.
tree of life.
beneath the essence you exude, i weep.
this life is shallow, wavering and unkind.
pushing forth towards unknown boundaries.
we disguise the truth with filth and close our eyes to all.
evil, evil, evil, evil, evil wins.

we forget how we came to be.
the beauty of the elements.
the dance of the dawn of time.
and the human plague that grew from the void.

explore, consume, move on.
blanket the terrain with nomadic spores.
rape the soil and poison the air.
you reek of greed and perversion.

silence, silence, silence, silence the disease.
drown them in plague and fear.
crush their faith, suffocate on their filth.
wipe the slate clean, let me breathe once again.
never again will i be trampled.
never again...
this i promise you.

i lack two hands to choke you.
i lack the tools to stop you.
i lack the voice to scold you.
i lack the will to hold you.

my only device is slow punishment,
one you will not see until it is upon you.
i will conquer you with forces beyond your mortal understanding.
the sea, the land, the air.
i will choke you with your own posion.
i will scold you with storms unattestable.
your fate has been in my hands since the beginning.
all your works will be undone.
the exsitence you hold so dear, has always been mine to destroy.

i am the mother.
i am the sea.
i am the soil.
i am the air.
i am the earth.
i am the night.
i am the light.
i end all of life.
Track Name: Hunted
3. Hunted

On shaky legs, I run.
Small pelts of water begin to stain my cloak.
In the dark I can hear branch and brush whisper to each other.
Hands reaching out to feel what I simply cannot see.
It is maddening.

above me the moon shows dim, doing none to help guide my feet.
ears acute to the sounds surrounding,
but the beating of my heart is deafening.
the rain now soaking through, weighing me down.

falter and stumble, there is no direction.
only forward into blackness.
they are close, i can feel it.
no choice but to push on.

my breath my enemy, the sound of fear escapes with every gasp.
ive been running for what seems like eternity.
waiting for the dawn.
a light i fear will never come.

blind and hunted.
in the dark i roam.
as prey i pray.
someone guide me home.

their teeth surround me.
like walls caving in.
eaten alive.
consumed by pure sin.
as prey i pray.

forced to evolve.
armageddon as science.
making creatures of men, past the threshold of sanity.
humanity on the verge of extinction.
am i all that remains?
Track Name: Silent
6. silent

Please forgive me. I know not what I do.

Sleeping, watching, letting go.
Hands unattached, hatching plans and scheming.
I speak your name, but there is no change.
You walk through the hall and collapse on the floor.
Tears sink into the carpet.
Someone must have hurt you so badly.

am i sleeping?

I float through walls and ceilings, touching you, trying to wipe your tears away.
But I am but a breeze, my once calloused hands now transparent, weak.
what is happening to me? i scream as loud as my lungs will allow, but there is no sound.

Just then i see, i am not me.
I am removed from form. A visitor in my own home.
I am just a ghost. A spectator.
He enters the room, grabs her by the hair, and spits in her face.
She is scared and weak, panicked and breathless.
He punishes her, forces her down, and shames her.
I leap to react, but I am held back, eyes pulled wide, I must watch.

Fires, burn bright, his voice comes calling from above.
"Gaze upon the horror you have wrought.
A battered woman, daughter and son.
Share their pain as it passes through them.
From your own hand, to your own soul.
Let us see how this unfolds..."

I sit, unmoving, unwavering, in awe of the atrocity.
My body frozen in disgust.
I see now that I am the monster.
I destroy and corrupt.
My hate has ruined lives, it has brought me here, to this home.
I am being punished, forced to witness my own hell.
I see what I have to become, and like a pheonix I must rise.
I push myself up off the ground, and I scream "I will"
I step into my own shadow and become myself again.
I see the fear in her eyes, and I know what I must do.
I scream to God and I scream to her.
I beg for forgiveness and for courage.
And with every inch of my strength I turn upon myself.
Tearing my skin and snapping the bones.
I wish not to be in this shell any longer.

Dismantle me, and burn me for what I have done.
Let this be the end of it.
I'm sorry. I love you.
I'm sorry I loved you.

Do not pity me.
Forget me.
Silent now.
I am dead.